Tuner Evolution Philly 2015

One of the biggest east coast shows all year is the much anticipated Tuner Evolution.

Event promoter Jay Martinez pulls out all the stops for this huge indoor show every year and this year was no different.  Performance Auto Gallery was proud to be in attendance and to sponsor this excellent event.

We came out strong this year, showing with our good friends from Team EMOTION, one of the longest running and most successful car clubs in the country.  In attendance was our RHD demo WRX –  as well as 4 cars from our inventory.

We also were honored to have the legendary J.Pham, with his newly completed, Atlantic Motorsports Built 2JZ-swapped Lexus, show in our booth!

It was great to catch up with old friends from the industry and to see a lot of high-level builds debut under the convention center lights.

Congrats to Team EMOTION for winning Best Team overall! www.emotioncrew.com

Check out some pictures of the weekend from our perspective: 3 4 1 Meeting up bright and early outside the showroom to load up the rig with our six display cars. 5 ‘The Beast’ loaded and ready to go!   14 2 Arrival in Philly!  Quite a process to unload these cars, which takes a solid 2 hours.  These RE30’s were hand polished just a day before the show! 11822620_10153438339244774_7839441878378236545_nGetting the cars into the convention center and figuring out placement.  We must have moved the cars around 3 or 4 times…  Here’s an awesome shot (above) of the WRX and J. Pham’s Lexus by Brian Chin Tuner Evo 1   Tuner Evo 3 Tuner Evo 2 Tuner Evo 4 Our final setup was completed Some great shots of our setup – credit: Logan Warfield 15 17 18 19   11696027_744658065634296_5747763651485599233_n   11836883_744340098999426_2880647432914598244_n 6 7 8 9 10 More shots of the cars we had on display. 11 Getting ready to roll out after the awards ceremony. 11147076_10153538777238921_4057086942499337554_n Best Overall Team winner – Team EMOTION 12 The journey home.  We decided to hit the road right after the show – and after a bit of traffic it was smooth sailing home. 13 We had a great time at Tuner Evo this year – thanks to our friends from Team EMOTION for helping us with the car setup!

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