On-Board Airjack Video – Only known enclosed system

AS - Copy  For your viewing pleasure, a couple short videos of the Performance Auto Gallery Demo Car, the WRX known as “the Beast,” deploying the on-board airjack system to raise and lower the vehicle off the ground in a matter of seconds.  A modified nitrous bottle plumbed to an AP Racing Airjack at each corner (welded to the rollcage) as well as some secret voodoo has allowed us to achieve the only fully enclosed racing airjack system known (to us) in the world. Thanks to Piper Motorsport for making it happen all those many years ago!

This is just one example of the game-changing ideas that we can help bring to your own car. Whether you’re going for a full-blown track car, a show car or a dedicated street cruiser, Performance Auto Gallery has the know-how and the contacts to execute.

Give us a call 202-531-8505 or email at info@performanceautogallery.com to setup an initial consultation about your project goals and allow us to custom-tailor a modification and build plan to suit your needs and achieve your goals.

Now, enjoy the videos:



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