In case you haven’t seen it yet: Gears and Gasoline’s feature on our 2002 WRX Demo Car!


JDM v7 STi Center Console
Celcius‐scale Climate Control Unit
JDM‐only Business Card Holder
JDM v7 STi Front Crossmember
JDM v7 STi Lower Dash Panels
Passenger: Glovebox with JDM‐only Map Pocket
Driver: inc. JDM‐only Rear Wiper and Headlight Leveling Switches
JDM v7 STi RHD Pedal Assembly
JDM v7 STi RHD Steering Rack
JDM v7 STi RHD Steering Column and Trim Surround (inc. reversed control stalks)
JDM v7 STi RHD Dashboard and Airbag Cover
JDM v7 STi RHD Window Controls (inc. Master switch on right side)
JDM v7 STi RHD Windsheild Wiper Cowl, Wiper Motor and Wipers
JDM v7 STi VIN Plate

Custom Engine Wiring Harness
Andrewtech Custom Wired 62‐pin MilSpec Connector
Rewired Connectors/Repinned ECU
All Unused Holes Welded Shut and Shaved & Smoothed
Alternator with Custom Bracket
Radiator Fan
Coolant overflow and Oil Catch Tank
Power Steering
Air Conditioning
Brake Booster
Heater/Blower Motor, etc.
Enlarged Wiper Cowl (to accommodate RHD wiper assembly)
Aluminum Firewall (replaced 90% of oem firewall)
Aluminum Headlight Boxes
Shaved Pitch Stop Mount and Battery Tray
Shaved Strut Top Mounts with Inverted Hardware
Tubbed Front Wheel Wells
Extensive use of Russell ProClassic II ‐AN hose fittings throughout engine bay

JDM Subaru EJ25 Aluminum Block [2.5L]
STi Forged Rods
STi Forged Crank Shaft
STi HyperCast Pistons
EJ20 Cylinder Heads
Kelford 264 Duration Cams
Supertech Titanium Valve Springs and retainers
Prototype Aluminum “Inverted” Intake Manifold (Custom One‐off Prototype; 1 of 1)
Designed by Alex Witkin of Brainchild Customs
Built by Piper Motorsport
Flipped Manifold and Inverted Runner/Plenum Design
Tumbler Generator Valve (TGV) Shave (reduced in height by 1″)
Equal length runners
Runners welded from inside plenum for clean look
Custom internal velocity stacks
Brainchild Customs 3” Turboback exhaust system (Custom One‐off Prototype; PRE‐PRODUCTION)
Section welded, downturn tip
Inspired by the discontinued Gram Light exhaust
Boomba Racing Polished Billet Aluminum 75mm Throttle Body
Mounted upside down to hide wires and connectors
Tucked throttle cable
Custom Clutch Line
MSI Solid Billet Lower Engine Mounts (20mm Drop)
HKS Turbo Velocity Stack
Nitrous Express Direct Port Nitrous Kit w/ Gen‐X2 upgrade
“Race Gas On the Fly” Two Tank Fueling System (Custom One‐Off; 1 of 1 in the world)
10 Gallon ATL Fuel Cell (Custom)
ATL Dual Dry Break Fuel Filler Nozzle
Weldon 1000hp External Fuel Pump
Dual Weldon In‐Line Filters (40 micron, 10 micron)
Modfied and Flowed Subaru Fuel Injectors 780cc
Various Russell Braided Line and AN fittings (Classic and ProclassicII)
Check and return valves to route fuel to proper tank (tucked behind dash)
SARD Fuel Pressure Regulator (tucked behind dash)
Walbro 255 High Flow In Tank Fuel Pump (for pump‐gas system)
Tial 38mm Wastegate, v‐band, ext. dump (wastegate body and dumptube Jethot Coated)
TurboXS v‐band Downpipe (MODIFIED turbo angle; Jethot Coated)
TurboXS Blow‐thru MAF conversion
TurboXS DELTA Engine Management System
TurboXS High Flow Fuel Rails (modified to fit 2.5L motor)
TurboXS High Performance Boost Controller
TurboXS Front Mount Intercooler (MODIFIED)
Enlarged Cold Side to 3″ Piping
Adel Wiggins Clamps used throughout with 6 total connections
Hidden Blow off Valve and MAF sensor
TurboXS Racing Bypass Valve RFL (Polished)
TurboXS Remote ECU Map Selector
TurboXS T04R Turbo Kit 1 of 1 (Custom Prototype; PRE‐PRODUCTION)
TurboXS v2 Up‐pipe
Zero/Sports Unequal Length Exhaust Manifold (RARE)

ARC Aluminum Radiator (MODIFIED)
Shaved Fan Mounting Tabs
FAL Slimline Pusher Fan forward mounted
Custom upper radiator endtank with ‐20 AN fitting
Custom lower radiator outlet with ‐20 AN fitting
Custom Aluminum Coolant Overflow Bottle (attached left side)
Custom Aluminum Catch Tank (Attached right side)
Cusco Radiator Cap
Jet Hot Coating (Downpipe, ext. housing of turbo, wastegate, dumptube, exhaust manifold)
Process West Grill Mounted Oil Cooler

Steeda Small Billet Aluminum Oil Filler Cap (Polished)
Piper Motorsport Oil Filler Neck (Custom)
Custom Engine Coolant Crossover and Lower Thermostat housing to use ‐20 AN for upper and lower radiator fittings
GrimmSpeed Lightweight Aluminum Crank Pulley
Kartboy Exhaust Hangers
Prova Brake Fluid Cap (Custom Polished)
Prova Clutch Fluid Cap (Custom Polished)

Pfitzner Performance Gearbox (PPG) Dogbox Gearset [Straight cut 1‐4, stock 5] (FIRST ONE IN UNITED STATES)
PPG Billet Dog Engagement Gearset with Custom Gear Ratios (top speed 174)
PPG Billet Shift Forks
PPG Billet Interlocker
PPG Brass Speedo Gear
Drive Shaft Shop Level 5 800hp Front Axles
Drive Shaft Shop Level 5 800hp Rear Axles
Drive Shaft Shop Lightweight 1 pc Aluminum Driveshaft
Energy Suspension Shifter Bushings
B&M Short Throw Shifter
Cusco Solid Transmission Mount
Exedy 3‐Puck Racing Clutch
Exedy Flywheel

StopTech Front Big Brake Kit (4‐piston ST‐40 Caliper, 355mm 2 piece rotor) (Custom Coated)
StopTech Rear Big Brake Kit (2‐piston ST‐20 Caliper, 328mm 2 piece rotor) (Custom Coated)
ABS and Brake Booster Delete
Brake Booster Delete Plate
Custom Front Brake Lines
Custom Rear Brake Lines
Custom Brake Line (Master Cyl to Prop Valve)
Wilwood Master Cylinder
Wilwood Brake Proportioning Valve
Stoptech Brake Fluid
Hawk HP Brake Pads

Beatrush 12‐point Aluminum Subframe (Polished)
Beatrush Front Compliance Brackets
Cusco Front Sway Bar
Cusco Rear Sway Bar
Cusco Front Sway Endlinks
Cusco Rear Lateral Links
Cusco Front Lateral Links
Cusco Trailing Arms
Energy Suspension HYPERFLEX Master Bushing Kit
Front Control Arm Bushings
Rear Trailing Arm Bushings
Front Sway Bar Bushings
Rear Sway Bar Bushings
Perrin Rear Sway End Links
STi Aluminum Front Control Arms (Custom Coated)
TEIN Type FLEX Coilovers w EDFC

AP Racing Air Jack System (1 of 1 ‐ Only known fully‐enclosed, onboard system in the world)
Custom install by Piper Motorsport
4 x AP Racing Aluminum Air Jacks (tied into cage)
Russell Performance Hard Air Line (Blue)
Distribution Block with Raise/Lower controls (Custom One‐off; 1 of 1)
Modified Nitrous Express 10lb. Bottle to power system (Custom One‐off; 1 of 1)
Piper Motorsport 9‐Point JGTC/WRC Style Roll Cage
Full gusseting on A and B pillars, cross bar, door bars, and along roof line
WRC‐spec mounting boxes
Integrated rear strut “V” brace with integrated fuel pump and filter mounts
Custom mounts for 2 x Nitrous Express Bottles
Battery Relocation to Trunk
Piper Motorsport Aluminum Battery Box (Custom One‐off; 1 of 1)
Optima Red Top Battery
Sparco Battery Master Kill Switch
Griot’s Garage Battery Manager III
BRIDE Stradia II LowMax Seats ‐ Carbon Kevlar
BRIDE Seat Sliders (Driver and Passenger)
Piper Motorsport Aluminum Trunk Floor Trim and Fuel Cell Firewall (Custom One‐off; 1 of 1)
SpA FIRESAFE Electronic Halon Fire Suppression System
Bottle mounted behind rear firewall
Bottle control unit on center console
2 nozzles in passenger compartment
2 nozzles in trunk for fuel system
Takata 340mph 4‐pt Racing Harnesses
Tow/Tie Down Hooks ‐ Custom welded to chassis (2 in front, 2 in rear)

STACK ST81101sr Programmable Digital Dash Display
Tachometer sensor
Wheel Speed sensor
Water Temp sensor
Oil Temp sensor
Oil Pressure sensor
Fuel Pressure sensor
Exhaust Gas Temp sensor
Battery Voltage
Infrared Lap Timing sensor
Boost pressure sensor
Fuel level sensor
Blitz FATT 2 Dual Turbo Timer
Defi Link EGT Gauge
Defi Link Fuel Pressure Gauge
Defi Link Boost Gauge
Defi Link Gauge Controller
Wire thinning and tuck throughout interior
Removed unnessecary wires and connectors
Rerouted remaining wiring in Milspec looms

JPM Coachworks ‐ Black Alcantara Wrap w. Red and Black Contrast Stitching:
Full Right Hand Drive Dashboard with airbag cover
Lower Dash ‐ Driver side
Center Dash
Gauge Hood
AeroSpace Components Billet Aluminum Nitrous Bottle Brackets x2
Beatrush White Delrin Shift Knob
Carbon Concepts Center gauge pod
DZUS Fasteners for quick removal of interior paneling
Piper Motorsport Aluminum Center Console (Custom One‐off; 1 of 1)
With mount for:
Fire suppression nozzles, control unit, and activation switch
Battery kill switch
Instrument Cluster Control Switches
Toggle switch for dual fuel system
Piper Motorsport Aluminum RHD floor pans with grip tape (Custom One‐off; 1 of 1)
Prodrive WRC Rally‐Spec Carbon Fiber Molded Front Door Cards (designed for cage clearance)
Prodrive WRC Rally‐Spec Carbon Fiber Molded Rear Door Card
Prodrive WRC Rally‐Spec Carbon Fiber Rear Bulkhead/Firewall
Prodrive WRC Rally‐Spec Carbon Fiber Rear Parcel Shelf
Prodrive WRC Rally‐Spec Carbon Fiber Rear Seat Trim Panel
KEYS! Racing ‐ 325mm Semi‐Cone Suede Steering Wheel
Works Bell Short Steering Wheel Hub Adapter
Works Bell Rapfix Steering Wheel Quick Release ‐ Yoshioka Special Edition
ZeroSports Leather Shift Boot

Pioneer AVIC‐D1 In‐Dash Touch‐Panel DVD Multimedia AV Navigation Receiver
Polk Audio speakers (x 2; 4″) (Painted)
TommyKustom molded fiberglass enclosure in glovebox (paint matched)

Exterior ‐ paint by Dale E. @ Old School Enterprises
Custom mixed Ferrari Rosso Corsa (Traditional Ferrari Racing Red)
Shaved engine bay
Shaved door sills
Shaved antenna
Shaved sidemarkers
Custom molded rear door trim
Interior ‐ paint by Dale E @ Old School Enterprises
Fully resprayed
Ferrari Rosso Corsa inner roof, pillars, and roll cage
Rosso Corsa inner floors and trunk space

Other painting and Coating
Paint matched:
Engine bay
Hood Dampers
NX Bottles
Speaker Enclosure
Engine Block
Engine cradle
Cylinder Heads
Windshield Wipers
Trunk Floor

Powder Coated:
Transmission Case
Clutch Master Cylinder
STi Control Arms
Coolant crossover
Uppipe Brackets

Valve Covers
Intake Manifold
Alternator Bracket/Pulley
Intercooler Piping
PCV Block‐off plates
Intercooler Endtanks
Radiator and integrated catch can & coolant overflow
Fluid Reservior Caps
Beatrush Front Subframe
Blowoff Valve
Turbo Compressor Housing
Fuel Rails
Oil filler Cap and Neck

Jet‐Hot Coated:
Wastegate dump tube
Exhaust manifold
Turbo Exhaust Housing

Chargespeed D1 20mm Widebody Front Fenders (shaved markers)
CWEST Rear lip v1
CWEST v2 Front Bumper (alternate for Street/Shop/Winter)
Do‐Luck Carbon Fiber Duck Tail Trunk Lid (RARE) (2nd in US to have)
Prodrive WRC Rally‐Spec Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors
RAYS Engineering Gram Lights Door Trim Pieces (molded) (1 of 1 in United States)
RAYS Engineering Gram Lights Front Bumper with Carbon ducts (1 of 1 in United States)
RAYS Engineering Gram Lights Side Skirts (1 of 1 in United States)
Subaru JDM OEM STi Projector Headlights
Varis Vented Carbon Fiber Hood with Molded Scoop
Voltex Type V Carbon Fiber Wing
Custom 245mm Titanium Wing Risers by Iparkharder Designs

Quick Release Front Bumpers
DZUS fasteners for quick removal of bumper
Able to Swap between my two bumpers using the same DZUS connections
Plastics4Performane Custom Molded Polycarbonate Window Kit
4mm molded rear screen
5mm molded front door windows (with lexan sliders)
5mm molded rear door windows
PIAA Wiper Blades
Rolled rear fenders
Subaru JDM OEM Door Visors
Subaru OEM Weathertrim kit (ALL NEW)
TEIN Hood Dampers (custom painted)


set1– BBS 3pc Forged Aluminum e88 Race Wheels [18×9.5 ET35] (Custom; 1 of 1) (Show/Street Use)
Custom painted faces: Antique White
set2–Volk Racing TE37 Black Edition Forged 18×9.5 (Custom Powdercoated: gold)

Advan A048 R‐Compound Semi‐Slick Tires [265/35/18] (Show/Street Use)


ARP Extended Front Wheel Studs
ARP Extended Rear Wheel Studs
5Zigen ProRacer+ Lug Nuts (Extended, Open ended; Blue)


Alex Witkin

Mechanical, Wiring, Assembly : Andrewtech Automotive
Fabrication and Race Prep : Piper Motorsport

TurboXS Custom Dyno Tuning: Jermaine Riddick

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